• Sweet Endings - "Key West Style" Key Lime Pie
  • Sweet Endings - Strawberry Not-So-Shortcake

Finish your meal with an “OH MY GOSH!”… sweet cream cheese pretzel, that is! Our key lime pie is the very best in South Florida, and you can never go wrong with a slice of decadent chocolate mousse cake or our Strawberry Not-So-Shortcake. Pair your dessert with a cup of Seattle’s Best coffee and be sure to request enough spoons for sharing.

Strawberry Not-So-Shortcake

Our shareable signature dessert and winner at the Taste of Marco 2010! Enjoy layers of delicious sponge cake and strawberry compote. Topped with whipped cream.

“Key West Style” Key Lime Pie

The best Key Lime pie is found right here in South Florida! Topped with whipped cream and key lime and raspberry sauces.

“OH MY GOSH!” Sweet Cream Cheese Pretzel

A trip to Mango’s isn’t complete without trying our fried sweet cream cheese stuffed pretzel. Topped with vanilla bean ice cream, fresh whipped cream and caramel drizzle. Yum!

Kahlua Chocolate Mousse Cake

Decadent chocolate mousse cake with a Kahlua and crunchy toffee filling. Topped with whipped cream.

Mango Tres Leches

Moist and delicious cake made from three milks, topped with fresh Mango and whipped cream.

Vanilla Ice Cream